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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Why the Negro Does Not Want Solutions to the Ills of the Black Community

Oftentimes AFROSIMPTRICKS, Black Feminists, Black Militants, Ejumukated Negroes, and other assorted Negroes such as Hoodrats and Dusty Negroes when confronted with facts by a self-aware Black man or self-aware Black woman will ask: What’s the solution to the ills of the Black community? And the reason they’re asking this question is actually disingenuous. Most of these Negroes memtioned don’t want to plan a course of action to help the Black community; it’s to shut down any discussion and debate.

The question “What’s the solution” is actually a setup for a paradox trap. And in a paradox trap no answer anyone gives will ever be right.

The truth is most Negroes are co-dependent on White Supremacy. And The Negro needs White Supremacy more than the redneck southern racists or the Ku Klux Klansman, the White Liberal, and the White Feminist. What most people don’t know about co-dependent people is that they live to be the victim. And the reason why the Negro likes being the victim is because it is the only way The Negro knows how to get their needs met in the world.

Co-dependent Negroes don’t want solutions. Why? Because if the Negro solves their own problems they cannot play the role of the victim. In the eyes of a Negro the role of the victim is a position of power. From that position the Negro and get people of other race to join them in a shuck n’ jive blame n’ shame game where they manipulate Whites and nonblacks into giving them things free instead of working for them.

Moreover, from this victim position The Negro can never be made to take responsibility or accountability for their lives. Everything is someone elses’ fault. Like the wife of the alcoholic or the battered wife, the reason why their life is always going nowhere is The White man who is beating them down. And like the battered wife or the alcoholics’ wife the Negros way of thinking is so warped from years of abuse they always need to find a way to fit the abuser into their lives.

Not understanding the only logical solution is to walk away from the abuser. And to stop buying into the abuser’s way of thinking.

But walking away from the abusers in his community would require the Negro to stop being a victim. And being a victim is the only way most Negroes know how to get their needs met. This is why the vicious cycle of poverty continues in the Black community, while Asians, Hispanics, Indians, and even Africans who have been in America less than five years pass the Negro by on their journey to the middle class.

The White Man, the social constructs of White Supremacy and racism will always be the Negroes’ excuse for not making any efforts to improve his life situation or the quality of life in his community. As long as he is in the imagination of The Negro he will have someone to point a finger at and blame for his dysfunction.

If the Negro shows the world that he can solve his own problems and take care of his own community then he cannot play the role of the victim anymore. And if the Negro transitions from the role of victim to survivor the whole paradigm for Black society changes throughout America. That would have ripple effect on every person on the planet.

A lot of people benefit from the Negro race remaining in the co-dependent victim position economically, socially and politically. People like White Liberals. White Feminists, foreign business owners, Black pastors, Black single mothers, Civil Rights Activists, Simps, Manginas, Captain-Save-A-Hoes, Dusty Negroes, Hood Rats and other assorted dysfunctional individuals. These parasites hang on the body of the Black community and feed on the crumbs tossed down from White Supremacists. As long as The Negro remains in the victim position pointing the finger at The White Man, they will make 97percent of the $3.3 trillion dollars that flow through the Black community and the Negro will remain at the BOTTOM of the world.

If the Negro were to start taking responsibility for himself and herself and the entire social food chain would be disrupted. That kind of upheaval would devastate economies throughout the world that benefit from the Black dollar and the co-dependent Negro consumer.

The one thing all these individuals fear is an interdependent Black community filled with responsible Black men and responsible Black women. A Black community of responsible Black men and women is one that puts Black first and takes care of Black above all else. It’s a place White Supremacists and other foreigners can’t exploit and take advantage of. So this cabal makes every effort to keep the Negro carrying the crutch of White Supremacy under his arms. Telling him that there is something wrong with him and that the only solution is to go to a White liberal to fix the problems.

Not understanding that the same White liberal selling the Negro the solution is actually the cause of the problem.

What keeps many Negroes, especially Black women co-dependent on White Supremacy is a fear a return to the poverty of Jim Crow without the crutches of White liberal policies, government programs and White corporate jobs. But the irony is that many Negroes remain stranded in poverty because of White Liberal policies, government programs and White corporate jobs. Because these policies, government programs and businesses give the Negro everything, they have no incentive to do for self and improve the quality of life in the Black community.

Black people could have had a New Rosewood or a New Black Wall Street 40 years ago but it is the co-dependency on White Supremacy that prevents the Negro from taking constructive action to build their own communities. Part of any constructive solution to the Negro’s plight will require extensive psychotherapy and mental health counseling. Because as long as the White Man is in the mind of the Negro, he will never see the value of being Black. 


  1. I honestly believe your message gets lost. Almost always these posts sound like self-hating Black soapbox speeches. The Negro this. The Negro that. Overtly critical of Black women and you use stereotypes to get your point across. Really, it feels like a bunch of, "Ya'll niggers ain't shit," kind of talk. And then you get in your feelings when your books don't sell in the demographic you create them for. And why would we? You talk about how Blacks don't want your books either and then go into this long, drawn out posts about how "we ain't shit" there either. I really think these are detrimental to your success. No way I'm purchasing something from someone that makes me feel like "I ain't shit" every time I come here---and I only come here for your posts about comics and things. Everything else is wildly offensive. And if you can't take constructive criticism then God bless you. I wish you the best of luck but consider a different voice. Try something else. I don't think this is working anymore. You have a lot of things to say when it comes to comics, and I know you want to highlight issues in the Black community, but you need to find a different approach. You just come off self-hating and demeaning.

  2. You are entitled to your opinion.

    But I am trying to deal with the psychological issues in the Black community. This co-dependency on racism and White Supremacy is KILLING Black people and I'm trying to
    get Black folks to WAKE UP. Black people have $3.3 trillion in spending power yet are the POOREST people in the world. There is something wrong with that paradigm and it needs to change.

    Am I telling you that you aren't shit? NO. I am telling you why many Negroes do not want solutions. That's going to hurt. It's going to cause pain. But that pain will lead to GROWTH.

    If you don't want to buy the books, that's on you. I am NOT telling you that You are not shit. Again, I am trying to wake up Black people out here and get them to take an honest look at themselves.

  3. Shawn:

    I've been reading your blog for some time now. The issues you mention about Blacks aren't just exclusive to Blacks. These same issues are also prevalent with other historically oppressed minorities, Hispanics, Middle Easterners....etc. It's a shame that more people don't share your views because the co dependency is what keeps the current system in power and it is this system that the White Liberals, White Conservatives etc...fight to keep. Whenever anyone such as yourself questions this system, they are called "extremists". But the main factor that drives White Liberals, White Conservatives is fear. Fear that people that they have traditionally seen as below them, and what the media tries to portray as below them can actually be smarter, can actually be more hard working, can actually be more skillful.

  4. Co-dependent Negroes don’t want solutions. Why? Because if the Negro solves their own problems they cannot play the role of the victim. In the eyes of a Negro the role of the victim is a position of power. From that position the Negro and get people of other race to join them in a shuck n’ jive blame n’ shame game where they manipulate Whites and nonblacks into giving them things free instead of working for them.

    You've just described most, if not all, of the more popular Black Twitter and Tumblr users. When they're blaming everything that goes wrong in their lives on at least 1 or 2 "isms"--"racism" and "sexism" being the biggest 2--they're begging for donations to pay their rent and/or bills, or because they feel that what they have to say is so groundbreaking and important, that their followers should donate just to "show support". Meanwhile, I'm like, "Uh, instead of trying to fleece your readers out of cash, why don't you GET OFF your computer or smart phone and at least LOOK FOR A JOB, instead of shaking down your followers every other week or so for cash to cover your expenses?" I see them as nothing more than snake oil salespeople peddling perpetual victimhood, and encouraging a never-ending game of pass-the-buck, instead of taking personal responsibility, which they dismiss as "bootstrap theory", "respectability politics", "victim blaming", etc., because god forbid they actually admit to CONSCIOUSLY or VOLUNTARILY making poor decisions in their lives. It's just sickening, and disheartening, because the next generation of Black folks are going to be even more dysfunctional and ne'er do well, thanks to their predecessors.

    1. The owner of this blog writes books, what do you do?

  5. I agree with everything you discuss. Keep up the informative blog posts.