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Monday, May 17, 2010


Okay, I have a question for everyone out there:

Does anybody read this thing?

Or am I typing into cyberspace to the chirps of crickets?

Do I have an audience of readers?

Where is everybody?

I sometimes wonder how many people actually come to this blog. Who are my readers? Where do they come from? Do they like what they read? Or do they hate it?

Over the past couple of years the comments section has been well…dead.

However, since I’ve been writing the Hollywood and screenwriting stuff I’ve been getting some traffic. A blip. Should I continue to write those types of articles? Is anyone buying my books as a result of reading this blog? Checking me out on Twitter? Facebook?

I’d love to hear more from readers. I’d like to get to know you better. Take a minute and post a comment. Let me know what you’re thinking.


  1. Oh I read you everyday! I apologize for not commenting. However, I really come here to read your writing because you really inspire me to keep up on my own stories (which I hope to get published).
    Keep up the good work! You definitely have a fan in me. =0)

  2. Toddy,

    Thanks for commenting. And thanks for the support.
    I'm happy to know I inspire you, my mission as a writer is to inspire and uplift readers. Glad to know I'm doing what I set out to!

  3. I read this every time you update, I follow you on twitter, just sometimes wish you could do more movie reviews like the ones on Amazon(where I first saw you), those were awesome...but anyway yes I read this blog and keep on doing what you doing!!

  4. Big Mike,

    I may do more movie reviews for Amazon in the future, but my schedule is kinda tight. In between the books (two still in edit stage) and the book promotion on the last three I've been really busy. I really want to write one for Precious (saw it a few months ago) and I definitely want to write one for Black Dynamite (just waiting for the DVD to come down in price on Amazon) But those two will be coming when I get the time. Precious probably sooner than later.