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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Isis: House of Isis Now Available in Paperback & Kindle Unlimited!

ISBN: 978-1530804740

Hotep! When Isis learns there’s a new Egyptian templeoperating in Harlem she soon discovers that Priestess Anjara is up to no good. Can the goddess next door stop her from miseducating and exploiting the brothers and sisters in the community?

You definitely want to get Isis: House of Isis. I go HARD IN THE PAINT on Hotep and Pro-Black Negroes and their philosophies in this story. Over the course of a hundred pages I deconstruct the ideologies Hoteps have about Ancient Egypt, The Black Woman being the God who created the Universe, and expose the hypocrisy many Hoteps and Pro-Blacks have regarding concepts like Black Group Economics and building and supporting Black-owned businesses in the Black community. 

Over the course of this story readers will learn about the numerous tricks and mental manipulations Hoteps and Pro-Blacks use to try to shame people into questioning their Black identity. And they’ll learn how these hustlers use these psychological tricks to get them to buy into seeing them and their false ideologies as the end all to be all to what Blackness should be. 

I wrote this story in direct response to many of the Hoteps and Pro-Blacks on social media who said that Isis wasn’t a Black character because she was light skinned. Many of these Hoteps and Pro Blacks made the excuse that they wouldn’t buy an Isis series story because of Isis’ skintone and hair texture, but what they don’t understand is what makes someone a hero isn’t the color of their skin, or the texture of their hair, but the content of their character. And in this story I wanted to show what made Isis a hero to the people of Harlem is her willingness to serve them as the goddess next door.

You can pick up Isis House of Isis in paperback and on Kindle Unlimited on today!

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