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Friday, December 1, 2017

Comic Artists I’d like To See Draw My Characters

Over the last few years I’ve been blessed to have the opportunity to see many of my characters drawn by awesome comic artists like Mike Williams, Bill Walko, and Terry Beatty. However, there are a bunch of veteran comic artists I’d love to see draw characters like Isis, John Haynes, E’steem and Matilda Crowley. 

Some of the artists I’d love to render my characters include:

Darryl Banks- I was a big fan of Darryl Banks Green Lantern run back in the 1990’s. And when I look at his comics I could easily see him being the artist on an Isis comic book. I think he’d draw a GREAT Isis and he’d really do a great job of drawing up Isis’ rogues like Amari and The Cybergoddess. And I know he’d draw an AMAZING E’steem!

Keith Pollard- I really like Keith’s style. Very clean and simple. And I think he’d do a great job rendering a character like Isis or John Haynes. I could easily see him doing an Isis or E’steem series cover. Keith Pollard drawing demon E’steem or Demon strippers would look AWESOME!

Josh Howard- I LOVE Josh Howard’s art! And I really want to feature it on a cover. His style really pops and I think he’d draw a really dynamic Isis, E’steem or John Haynes in his style.  And with all the AWESOME Goth girls he’s drawn I know he’d draw an AMAZING Spinsterella.

Rundotexe- Rundotexe submitted digital fanart so AWESOME I had to feature it on the Spinsterella cover. After seeing his STUNNING interpretation of Matilda Crowley I’d love to see what his version of Isis or E’steem would look like on a cover.

George Perez- When I was writing The Man Who Rules the World I imagined it looking like a George Perez comic book in my head. Lots of big epic panels filled with incredible details.

With Perez having a waitlist for sketches, it’d be a longshot to work with him. But whatever he drew would be AWESOME!

Walt Simonson- I LOVE his Thor. And seeing how amazing he made the Norse gods look I wonder what he’d do with the Egyptian gods in New Heliopolis. The way I see it Simonson’s art style+Egyptian Mythology+Black actors=AWESOME! 

John Byrne- Sometimes when I used to write stories I used see panels like a John Byrne comic. And It’d be a dream come true to see Byrne render my characters on a cover or a story. Like Perez, there’s a long waitlist for Byrne art, so it’d be a 99 to1 longshot to ever work on him on a cover or a comic.  

Bruce Timm- Yeah, this is a longshot. But Bruce Timm’s cartoons were a major influence on my writing. And Batman Beyond was one of the major inspirations for my interpretation of the Egyptian gods. And I’d love to see what his versions of Isis, E’steem, John Haynes and Spinsterella would look like. I think he’d make them look Kickass!

John Romita Sr. I think his style is PERFECT for Isis! I’d love to see his version of the goddess next door because he’d give her a great girl next door look. I know a Romita Sr. Isis cover would be a masterpiece!

John Romita Jr. When I was writing Spellbound I actually imagined certain scenes like panels of a JRJR comic. And his run on Daredevil with Ann Nocenti was one of the major influences on the development of the story of Matilda’s babybat years. Seeing how he designed Typhoid Mary, I know His style would be perfect for depicting the grim N’ gritty late 1980s Harlem Matilda Crowley lived in. 

Alex Ross- There’s just so much emotion and energy in his paintings. And I know he’d paint an INCREDIBLE Temptation of John Haynes cover. He’d definitely convey the quiet strength John has and his intensity in a painting.  And he’d convey the humanity behind E’steem’s reptile eyes in the same piece. His rates are extremely expensive, but I think it’d definitely be worth the cost to see Ross’ version of John Haynes.

I’d also love to see Ross’ version of Isis. I think he’d do a great job of conveying the Tomboyish girl next door in her face while conveying the beauty of a goddess. A Ross Isis would be a fun piece to see! 

To work with any of these artists would be an honor. And it’d be a dream come true just to see my characters rendered by some of the legends like Keith Pollard, George Perez, and Walt Simonson. Will I ever work with any of these artists on a cover or a comic in the future? Who knows.

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