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Monday, September 11, 2017

How to Deal With Social Justice Warriors or SJWs

A Social Justice Warrior or SJW is one of the biggest cancers to ever grace American Society. The multicolored haired grandson and granddaughter of Liberals and hippies, these spoiled rotten children manipulate adults into believing they’re out to fight for various social and political causes. When in actuality they’re just out to hustle people for make work jobs, money, and free stuff. If a man isn’t on his guard, he can easily be taken advantage of by these social predators.

How do you deal with an SJW? Here are some basic tips:

Remain calm when an SJW goes into their Rhetoric. SJWs don’t talk to people, they talk at them. And instead of using facts and figures to present logical arguments they use rhetoric to play to people’s emotions. The hope is once a person is emotional enough they’ll either cave in and agree with them to stop them from shouting at them or they’ll continue arguing with them and they can make themselves out to be a victim of their abuse.

When dealing with an SJW remain calm. The reason why an SJW uses rhetoric is to catch people off guard and make them vulnerable. Once they’re vulnerable, they attack them with verbal abuse until they cave in. If you’re calm, you can listen to their illogical arguments and start applying a logical approach to dealing with shutting them down. 

Remain Silent when an SJW goes into their Rhetoric. With an SJW anything you say can and will be used against you. It’s hard, but once an SJW goes into their rhetoric, the best thing for a man to do is just remain silent. Let them keep talking. And eventually they’ll say something that puts their foot in their mouth.

Because an SJW is emotional they don’t think when they speak. And usually when they’re ranting they make numerous contradictions to their own arguments, and tell on themselves. In most cases if a guy is silent, the whole world will see the SJW as the bully they actually are, and not the advocate for the victim they present themselves as.

Understand that an SJW is FULL OF SHIT. Most SJWs talk about how they’re all about fighting for some social cause or some political cause. However, all you have to do is take a long hard look at this multi-colored haired brat holding an expensive Starbucks latte and an iPhone to understand how FULL OF SHIT they actually are. They talk all about helping poor underprivileged people and making things “equal” for them, but are living very comfortably as they benefit from exploiting causes to get things they didn’t earn.

Like the Pro-Black AFROSIMPTRICK or the White Feminist, there’s more shit coming out of an SJWs mouths than out of their asses. But all an SJW can do is TALK. When it’s time to take REAL action, you’ll never see an SJW around to take it. Because that’s work. And SJWS hate having to do actual work.

DO NOT GIVE YOUR PERSONAL POWER AWAY TO AN SJW.  The reason why SJWs Shout at people is to make them submit to them. The whole goal of an SJWs’ bully tactics is to make people submit to doing things on their terms.

The natural response for most men, when confronted by SJWs is to defend themselves and their position. However, that’s giving an SJW power. And SJWs use that power to control situations and people.

While you can’t control the SJW, you are in control of yourself and your actions. Understand it takes two people to argue and one to walk away. Walking away from an SJW allows you to keep your personal power. No matter how much shaming language they use when you walk away understand that you are in control of you, and the only way they have power in the situation is if you continue to listen to them.

Deal with an SJW on YOUR terms, not theirs. One of the big mistakes men make dealing with Social Justice Warriors is doing things their way. What most people don’t know is that Social Justice Warriors are extremely manipulative. And when they get their way they have a nasty habit of moving the goal posts and changing the terms of the agreement. So instead of you giving them what they want, they keep using their victim status to get more and more stuff out of you.

When a man deals with someone on their terms they are not compromising for anyone. In the face of an uncompromising person the SJW will usually leave in most cases. Yeah, they’ll talk a lot of shit about you when they leave, but don’t worry about what they say. What you do is the most important thing. If you maintain your resolve, the SJW will understand that you are a person whose boundaries they can’t break with their rhetoric and shaming language.

Establish HARD BOUNDARIES. SJWs will do whatever they can to grab power in a situation. One of the biggest mistakes people make with SJWs is trying to accommodate them when they whine about whatever injustice they say they’re fighting against. Unfortunately when you give an SJW an inch, they take miles. Over time they’ll be running your life and telling you what to do and how to live.

Establish a hard boundary with them from day one and let them know that you will not deal with them no matter how loud they shout or how long they protest. Since SJWs hate things like rules, structure and boundaries, they’ll usually leave and never come back.

Understand SJWs LIE. SJWs LIE. And they LIE all the time. For an SJW lying is a way of life. SJWs often twist information to manipulate people into doing things they want. When they combine their lies with their loud argumentative approaches, they can easily make a weak-willed person cave into doing things on their terms.

A man has to understand NOTHING coming out of an SJWs mouth is the truth. Everything they say has been twisted and distorted. And in most cases it’s been twisted to make them out to be the victim of someone. Whether it be the “Patriarchy”, they “Evil White man” or “The System” An SJWs enemy is always some Phantom Menace. And you become one of those Phantom menaces just for simply disagreeing with them.

Understand SJWs Double Down. Not only do SJWs Lie about everything, they double down on their positions. The hope is that if they double down on their position that the individual will eventually cave and do things their way.  Combined with their argumentative loud talking points and shaming language, most weaker willed people, especially Beta Males will just cave in.

The only way to deal with this kind of liar is to maintain your resolve. Understand no matter loud they shout, no matter what shaming language they use or threats they make in their protests, they do not have what they want. And the only way they can get what they want is for you to give it to them. Give them nothing and eventually they will go away.

DO NOT NEGOTIATE WITH AN SJW. Another big mistake men make dealing with SJWs is negotiating with them. When a man negotiates with an SJW he gives them leverage. And the SJW will use their leverage to control the situation.

Because SJWs are notorious LIARS, a man must NEVER negotiate with an SJW. Again, an SJW will just use their leverage to make themselves out to be a victim and use their victim position to move the goal posts to negotiate a deal where they get more stuff out of the person they’re targeting.

Do NOT argue with an SJW. One of the big mistake men make is trying to argue with an SJW. SJWs are emotional and will not listen to logic. Masters of Oral Combat, they use ad-hominem attacks and shaming language to control conversations and manipulate people. Many believe they can shout people down and make them submit to them just based on being loud, not having a better talking points.

Most shouting matches with SJWs turn into a circular argument. And in a circular argument things go around and around with no end. A man can NEVER win a circular argument because circular arguments aren’t based on logic. They’re based on emotion. And the goal of a circular argument is to use rhetoric to wear someone down until they get tired enough to walk away from the debate. And when you walk away, they launch into their shaming language and try to make themselves into a victim.

The best way to shut down an SJW is by taking action. When they start getting emotional and looking to argue, walk away. It takes two people to have an argument but if you leave, you’ll have your personal power and your intangibles of manhood intact. And that’s all that matters.

Understand that SJWs eat each other. SJWs aren’t loyal to anyone. While they’ll all come together to pretend to fight for a cause they’re actually all out for themselves and what they can get at someone else’s expense. If an individual SJW can negotiate a private deal with a target, they’ll abandon their cause and turn on their own Showing the world what hypocrites these people are.

Shutting down SJWs isn’t an easy thing. But it can be done. Once a man cuts through all the bullshit rhetoric an SJW shouts at him, he’ll just understand he’s dealing with a spoiled brat who talks about changing the world but what they really want is the status quo. Because without the status quo of the so-called Patriarchy being in charge they wouldn’t be able to continue to enjoy many of the privileges they enjoy in life like those iPhones they like to carry or those expensive Starbucks lattes they like to sip on after a hard afternoon of protesting for people they’ve never met or given half a shit about. 


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