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Friday, July 14, 2017

The Legendary Mad Matilda Sample Chapter

I’ve been busy reading over my new Goth YA novel on The Legendary Mad Matilda. And I’ve got another chapter of the final chapter of the Spinsterella Trilogy to share with readers. This one takes you into some of the craziness of one of Mad Matilda’s parties! 

Chapter 8

My heart pounds in my chest as Ebony Darkness leads me through the crowds and down the hall over to some more bathrooms on the far side of the warehouse. I’m hoping what she has to show me isn’t bad enough to make me end the show early.
I push past the creaky door of the abandoned men’s room praying not to see something truly macabre. My heart stops when I see a babybat, barely fourteen years old dressed in mismatched thrift store clothes, bad eyeliner, and teased out hair slumped on the floor under the bathroom sink. “Oh my God!” I gasp rushing over to her.
I look into the girl’s glazed over eyes and quickly recognize the drug she’s on. Ecstasy. “Are you all right?”
“You’re Mad Matilda!” She babbles. “Man, I can’t believe I’m actually talking to Mad Matilda!”
This isn’t the way I wanted to be recognized by a fan. “Yeah, are you okay sweetie?”
“I’m okay. See-”
The girl tries to get to her feet and stumbles back down to the floor. Shit, she’s high out of her mind. “What happened?”
The girl manages to get enough of her faculties to tell me her story. “I was feeling nervous. And a guy said he could give me something to make me feel better.”
“Blue pills?”
“Yeah...” The girl says as her hands creep towards her purse.
I reach into her purse and take out a couple of blue pills. Just like I thought. Ecstasy. “Where did you get these?”
“From a skinny Puerto Rican guy in a leather jacket.” 
That sounds like Louie Escobar. I told that asshole he was persona non-grata at my shows. Looks like he’s here to make a fast dollar peddling pills at the expense of babybats. I catch the sick look on the kid’s face and realize she took more than one. “Ebony, I need you to get her to St. Luke’s-”
“But that’s all the way on Morningside-”
With all the drugs she’s taken we don’t have a moment to lose. “The faster she gets her stomach pumped, the faster she can start feeling better.”
“What are you gonna do?”
“I’m gonna have it out with Louie.”

The Legendary Mad Matilda will be out…whenever I get enough money to pay an artist to design the cover. I’m hoping it’s sooner rather than later. You can help me get this book to the marketplace by donating $1 or more to my Paypal or my Patreon. In the meantime you can read the other two books in the Spinsterella Trilogy Spinsterella and Spellbound in paperback or e-readers today!


  1. Why not keep the above cover? Since the book is being told from first person-it would make sense that the cover be hand done by her. Since we are getting into a piece of her world her-that cover fits.

    It's not like you can't release it again with a commissioned cover. We have seen way too many other books get a ton of covers with every release.

  2. I'd love to release it with that cover concept. But I'm afraid if I release it with a hand drawn cover it'd leave a bad first impression on customers. Some people have put my previous covers on lousy book covers list so these days I'd rather be safe than sorry.

    A professional cover sells better and leaves a stronger impression on readers. On Spellbound I sold twice as many copies than I did with Spinsterella.

  3. It is very well written man