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Thursday, June 1, 2017

The Critical success of the Wonder Woman Movie...WHY HERA WHY?

DC’s new Wonder Woman Movie is getting great reviews.

Damn. Just Damn.

Why am I not happy about DC Wonder Woman movie getting great reviews? Because that means NOTHING is going to change regarding Warner Brothers decade and a half mishandling of the DC Comics film properties and the DC Comics brand.

The success of Wonder Woman has saved the jobs of Chris Nolan and Zack Snyder. Meaning that we DC Comic fans are going to be stuck with this jumbled dysfunctional Snyderverse for another decade or so.

Damn. Just Damn.

Wonder Woman’s critical success means we’re stuck with Man of Stool Henry Cavill, Batfleck and Jason Momoa’s Aquaman for another ten or so years. Not to mention the terrible dark angry story model that doesn’t capture the spirit and heart of DC’s Characters.

All the success of the Wonder Woman movie does is enable the dysfunction of Chris Nolan and Zack Snyder. It keeps Warner’s executives like CEO Kevin Tisjura in a state of denial regarding DC’s dysfunctional cinematic universe and the complete mismanagement DC Comics brand. Instead of being forced to come to a point where they’re forced to admit there’s a problem, they’ve been told everything they’re doing is okay by film critics.

Seriously, seeing all the drama regarding DC’s film properties is like watching a drug addict or an alcoholic struggle with their addiction. The addict is suffering from their addiction, but thanks to enablers such as movie critics continuing to praise them for their fucked up movies and comic fans continuing to spend their money on their fucked up products they have no incentive to get their shit together.

And thanks to Wonder Woman’s success, DC’s films, comics and licensed properties are going to remain in the same FUBAR state they’ve been in since 2011.

In order for Warner Brothers to get its shit together regarding DC they need to hit rock bottom. They have to hit a point where they admit to themselves what they’re doing is not working. At that point they’ll start listening to their customers instead of trying to force the same failed dark story model and repackaged New 52 concepts that didn’t catch on in 2011 down people’s throats. Unfortunately, thanks to the critical success of the Wonder Woman movie, the change that is desperately needed regarding DC’s Superhero films and DC’s entertainment properties won’t happen for another decade or so.


Yeah, Nolan and Snyder have a critical success with Wonder Woman. But I wonder what change could have come if Warner Brothers had shook up things regarding its DC Comics division and DC Comics properties. Could we have gotten character designs true to the source material like Marvel Studios Iron Man, Thor and Captain America? Could we have moved past the obsolete dark story model into something more in line with the spirit of the DC Universe like Batman the Animated Series or Justice League Unlimited? Could we have actually gotten films that were FUN to watch? Could we have actually started a horse race between Warner and Marvel Studios? Could DC Comics have gone back to being a family friendly comic publisher?

Sadly that’s a series of questions that won’t be answered for a couple of years. As long as critics keep praising movies like Wonder Woman and comic fans keep accepting slop from DC and Warner Brothers, the executives will keep serving it up to them instead of making efforts to make the changes to make the DC Comics brand competitive in the 21st Century.


  1. If the movie is good, it is good bro. DC will find a way.

  2. I have not seen it. But given a different director than Snyder, it might be in a different tone than the other movies. I haven't seen it, so I can't say. Though if it breaks the tone and maybe explains Wonder Woman's absence prior to Dawn of Justice, maybe it's worth it.

  3. It was a "safe" movie. Borrowed from the Reeve Superman movies in terms of scene choreography in a number of scenes. Diana had no sheath for her sword though. Must have held it in her ass or something.


  4. You do realize that Synder left the Justice League movie because of his daughter's death, right?

  5. "Unless someone like you cares an awful lot,it's not going to get better. It's not."

    -The Once-ler
    The Lorax by Dr Seuss