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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Could CBS’ Supergirl Change DC’s Dysfunctional Direction?

Last Week Supergirl was one of the highest rated new TV shows of the season. In fact, it was the #1 new show for the year.

From the ratings it’s clear there’s a HUGE audience for DC characters who stay true to the source material of the Pre-52 DC Universe. And that audience clearly wants to make sharing their favorite heroes a family affair. Can Supergirl make Time Warners’ executives change course on the direction for DC Comics?

I believe DC and Time Warner have been handed the opportunity of a lifetime to rebuild its brand. And if they’re smart enough capitalize on it, they have an opportunity to turn DC’s course and finally start creating products that will allow them to compete with Marvel Studios and reclaim the market share they’ve lost under Dan Didio’s fifteen years of mismananaging the brand.

For the past fifteen years the bright and sunny world of DC Comics has been a gray dreary place. A place where there’s no good, no evil and the heroes are just as good as the bad guys.  Thanks to all the dreariness and depression readers and moviegoers have been turned off from DC brand and its dark products like Man of Steel, The Dark Knight Rises and DC’s New 52 Comics. Thanks to all the negative energy it’s been next to impossible to sell not only DC Comics, but licensed merchandise like action figures and even sundry merchandise like pencils and keychains. Just mention DC Characters these days and most comic fans usually get angry and kids usually just don’t care.

But that didn’t happen with Supergirl. Most people were enthusiastic about this show and many raved about it. Why? It was a breath of fresh air. Supergirl was a fun show that captured the spirit of the character stayed true to her source material and put a fresh perspective on the story of a hero who many regarded as a friend. The kind of show families can watch together and fans young and old can bond with as they share stories about their favorite character. Money in the bank for DC from a business perspective.  

 From the big numbers for Supergirl it’s clear Warner Brothers can’t keep selling dark stuff like DCYou and the New 52. 15.9 million people watched Supergirl. Compare those numbers to the 10 percent market share and declining sales that dark stuff like DC You and DC’s New 52 have done over the past three years and it’s clear that Warner needs to change the direction of the DC Brand ASAP.   

I haven’t seen this kind of passion, enthusiasm and positive energy among comic fans and non comic fans since 2008’s Iron Man. DC fans young and old are united behind this show and Warner needs to capitalize on that re-energized customer base and start rebuilding the DC brand on Supergirl’s foundation.

Supergirl shows me that comic fans and casual viewers want the Classic characters of the DC Universe. And they’re willing to take time out of their day to support them. I believe if DC started publishing the Classic characters of the DC Universe in new family-friendly adventures, I believe readers young and old would return to the comic shops and start buying DC Comics and DC related merchandise again.

Supergirls’ audience has made a powerful statement that Warner Brothers executives need to listen to. This is time for Warner Brothers to start making efforts to end the Didio era of dysfunction and start moving the DC Comics brand towards getting back to the classic tales of good and evil that made DC an international brand for 75 years. There’s an opportunity to reach a new generation of readers with Supergirl, all Warner Brothers has to do is capitalize on it.

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