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Friday, July 10, 2015

Todd West, Dylan Roof and Negro Hypocrisy

We’ve all heard about Dylan Roof and the mass murders he committed at the AME Church in South Carolina. However, we haven’t heard much about Todd West and the mass murders he participated in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Most people don’t know a thing about Todd West the 22-year-old Black man who murdered seven people in two states including his own cousin. Why? Because the murders were Black-on-Black crimes.

And because they were mostly Black-on-Black murders, they don’t fit the narrative of the Negro. Because the Negro can’t make himself into a victim of White Supremacy and racism in the case of Todd West most of the usual suspects in the Black community have become as silent as a rat pissin on cotton.

Notice in the case of Todd West has been no calls of outrage from the usual suspects in the Black community. Where’s Al Sharpton and the National Inaction Network? Where’s Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islost? Where’s the NAACP? Where are the Black fraternities and sororities? Where’s are all the Negro Pastors? Where are all the Pro-Black AFROSIMPTRICK Shines who were ready to declare war on Dylan Roof a week ago?

We saw all these people calling for justice on social media and in the streets protesting when Dylan Roof murdered all those people in the AME Church in South Carolina. But we have NOT heard a PEEP out of any of this assortment of mixed nuts in the case of Todd West.

President Obama came to the AME Church and sang for one of the victims of the AME Church shooting. But I doubt he even cares about any of Todd West’s victims to even send them a condolence card.

And we haven’t seen Scores of Negro protestors haven’t taking to the streets with signs telling us that Black lives matter in New Jersey and Pennsylvania after Todd West’s murder spree. We haven’t seen Negroes marching and protesting in those two states. 

Nor have we seen Negroes going into gang territory to take down gang signs. Nor have we seen Negroes scrawling BLACK LIVES MATTER on gang territory the same way they defaced Civil War statues and monuments. And we haven’t seen any of these Pro-Black Back to Africa Red, Black and Green AFROSIMPTRICKS going to declare war on thugs, gangs or the thug culture Todd West participated in.

All we’ve gotten from most of the mixed nuts in the Negro community regarding Todd West’s mass murders is….


I’ve got a question for all the Negroes who protested so hard over Dylan Roof: Don’t Todd West’s victims deserve the same outrage that Dylan Roof’s victims got? Don’t they deserve the same calls for justice that Dylan Roof’s victims got?

How about a visit to the church where Todd West’s victims reside Mr. President? How about singing Amazing grace for them? Shouldn’t their Black lives have the same value to everyone that Dylan Roof’s victims had? After all, both were killed in mass murders. Only in one case the perpetrator was white and the other was Black.

But the one that seems to have the value to the Negro is the one where the perpetrator was White. It truly shows you the only time a Black person’s life truly matters to the masses in the Negro community is when it’s taken by a White Cop or a White person. 

The Negro’s actions in the case of Todd West clearly show their hypocrisy regarding Black lives matter campaign. When a White Cop or a White person kills a Black person, The Negro is ready to be outraged. But when a Black person participates in the same type of brutal violence against Black people not a single one of these Negroes from the White House to the Outhouse can be found to express any sort of anger or righteous indignation.  

Now I’m not condoning anything that coward Dylan Roof did in that AME Church. But I’m asking Black people to have the same anger and outrage they had in South Carolina towards Todd West’s murder spree in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Black people can’t say that a Black life matters when they don’t hold Black people to the same standard that they do Whites when they take the lives of their own people.  

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