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Monday, April 13, 2015

Jaden Smith and the Social Engineering of the Effeminate Negro Male

I was on Facebook and I saw an image of Will Smith’s son Jaden in a dress. Even worse, he was talking about how he liked to buy women’s clothes.

Good Gravy.

Will Smith you have FAILED as a FATHER. And Jada Pinkett you have FAILED as a MOTHER. If this is the fruit you have bared, you should be ASHAMED.


What many don’t understand presenting Jaden Smith’s image like this is part of a long-term social engineering campaign from the White Supremacists in Hollywood to feminize the Black man. Almost every year we see a picture of a Black man in a dress. Before Jaden Smith revealed his interest in dressing in women’s clothes, a few months before there were a series of Black male models walking the runway in cashmere dresses.

Damn. Just Damn.

Over the last 20 or so years there has been a constant stream of Black men presented in media wearing women’s clothes. Jamie Foxx as Wanda on In Living Color. Sheneneh and Martin’s momma on Martin. Larry Johnson as Grandmamma. Jaleel White as Myrtle Urkel. Marlon and Shawn Wayans as White Chicks. Chris Tucker on the Fifth Element. Martin Lawrence in all those Big Momma movies Tyler Perry as Madea.

I could go on and on. But tell me how many White men have been put in dresses over the last 30 years? For every Tootsie, Mrs. Doubtfire, or Ask Harriet with a White guy in a dress there seem to be five or more images a year of Black men in dresses pretending to be women.

And the images of Black men acting feminine like this are increasing not decreasing. Clearly there’s an escalation of the emasculation of the Black man’s image in American media.  

I’m beginning to think Dave Chappelle was right. In order to make it to Hollywood’s A-list a Black man has to degrade himself by putting on women’s clothes.

How is this social engineering? Jaden Smith is the son of Will Smith the highest grossing Black entertainer in Hollywood. He has a lot of influence on the impressionable minds of Young Black boys. And when they see him putting on dresses and talking about how he likes wearing dresses it sends a message to them that it’s socially acceptable.

In fact they think it’s cool. Why? Because if a celebrity is doing it then it’s going to get them cool points. So there may be a possibility of brothers running around in dresses just so they can get the attention of some goofy Black female.

Not understanding how they’ve lost face in front of her. No woman can respect a man dressed like her.

And with those boys thinking wearing dresses is okay, it’s a message gets passed on from one generation to the next. When they have sons they teach their boys that it’s okay.

What’s next Black men wearing makeup? Carrying purses? Wearing heels? Wearing perfume? When are Black men going to put their foot down and put a line in the sand like I did five years ago when I wrote the first blog about Black men in dresses?

What most of these young Black boys don’t understand is that one of the missions of White Supremacist institutions is to destroy the image of the Black man. When an image of Black man in a dress is presented in media it’s there to make a STATEMENT that a Black man is not a LEADER. That he is not strong. That he is NOT the head of the family.

The message these images send are that a Black man has been subjugated and made to submit. That he is BROKEN. In short he is White Supremacy’s BITCH.

Men put into the BITCH position are those that no one sees as leaders. They are not men who are respected by their women and their communities. They are seen as JOKES. Mocked, ridiculed and LAUGHED AT BY THE WORLD.

Jaden Smith is making a statement to the world: He is Hollywood’s BITCH. That he’ll sacrifice personal intangibles such as his DIGNITY and SELF-RESPECT for fifteen minutes of fame. He thinks he’s getting ahead by getting attention but he has no idea that the attention he’s getting will have him LEFT BEHIND.  

That’s the lesson he would have learned if his FATHER were MAN ENOUGH to take the time to teach him how to be a MAN. Not all attention is good attention. And when a man has to sacrifice his DIGNITY to get the attention of others he has sacrificed his personal power and the intangibles of his manhood.

And when a man sacrifices his personal power and intangibles of manhood he has put himself in a position where he loses face in front of other men. No man will take another man seriously when he has lost face in front of them.

When a man like Jaden Smith puts on a dress and talks about how he likes to wear women’s clothes he sends a message to other men: That he is BROKEN. That he is WEAK. That he is someone no one needs to take seriously. That he has no authority and no power as a MAN. That he has no presence. Again, he is a BITCH.

Brothers, the lesson you can learn from Jaden Smith is that a man’s personal power and intangibles of manhood are the most valuable things he can own. They are NEVER to be SACRIFICED. Not for fame, not for money, not for social currency. A man without dignity is a man without a face. And a Black man without a face is just another coon on the White Supremacist slave plantation of Hollywood. Jaden Smith is another slave. Black men, don’t let your kids follow this celebrity slave and wind up with their minds shackled by White Supremacy. Be the leader God made you to be and teach your sons how to be leaders in their own community. 


  1. Bol sent me.

    White men don't need to be put in women's clothes since their effeminate transformation is pretty much complete. The black man is the last masculine role-model in society, that's why rappers are idolized by kids from all ethnicities.

  2. I hear you Shawn.
    I been waiting to somebody to call out Young Thug for the same thing, but seems like no other rappers are going to mention it cause they don't want to piss off his fan-base, cause they want to sell their records to them also.
    It's a sad situation all round.