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Monday, September 19, 2011

Montana Fishburne- One Year Later- WTF? (Where's the FAME?)

I was flipping through some circulars last Saturday when I noticed a Sears ad featuring the Kardashian Kollection Clothing line.

I immediately thought back to Montana Fishburne.

Remember Montana Fishburne? Lawrence Fishburne’s daughter? The sista who stated she was going to be like Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton? The 19-year-old who said she was going into the porn industry? The one who made a hardcore pornographic sex tape in the hopes of it rocketing her to stardom through infamy? The girl with dreams of having her own reality show?

A year after Montana Fishburne’s sex tape was released, I don’t see a reality show. I don’t see a clothing line. I don’t see fame and fortune.

It looks like all Montana Fishburne got for having sex on camera was FUCKED.

Now I will say this, Montana Fishburne is clearly delusional and it's obvious to me from listening to her interviews needs some type of mental help, maybe even a stay at the mental health facility or medication.

But Montana Fishburne's quest for stardom speaks volumes about the racism in the American entertainment industry. How Hollywood sees color of women in the starkness of Black and White and shows us how separate and unequal the entertainment industry is.

I find it interesting how a rich White woman stars in a pornographic film (Sex tape for you spin doctors) she gets rewarded for her lewd behavior with reality TV shows, coverage in national tabloids, and a clothing line at a national retailer like Sears. Moreover, she’s presented by the media as an international celebrity to be worshipped and admired by the masses.

However, when a rich Black woman who stars in the same type of pornographic film and pursues the same type of infamy she’s virtually ignored by the media. There are no reality shows on cable networks, no clothing lines with national retailers for Black women. No glitzy glamorous coverage by tabloids and the press. Why? Because Sistas who participate in sex scandals aren’t presented by the mainstream media as celebrities. They’re just depicted as whores and ridiculed by the media and the Black masses and.

Unfortunately, many Black women who aspire to be stars today haven't studied the history of how Hollywood percieves the Black woman. They don't understand how the Sista who portrays the Jezebel for the entertainment industry by selling her body for fame and fortune is treated like an afterthought just like the slave women who were forced to become mistresses for the White slave masters on the plantation back in the Antebellum South.

Funny how not much has changed in liberal progressive Hollywood when it comes to its perceptions of Black and White.

Something to think about.


  1. Yes with the money her father has and a little common sense this woman could have made her own positive mark on the tv/film industry as a director or producer.

  2. Maybe she should've did a sex tape with someone more noticed!!! Hell like snoop oldest son or something! Or just took her dumb ass to college to enjoy a more social positive life her ass didn't even use protection! Smdh

  3. Dude, this has nothing to do with white vs black. Kardashian + Hilton first of all pretended or whatever that the tape had been stolen. Montana explicitly got into porn. No one will invest in a porn actress to make a reality show, a clothing line and.... if i may add, THANK GOD they do not. It sets a horrible example. Even worse than the already terrible one Kardashian and Hilton are pursuing.

  4. Nice try, but Porn is porn. Whether it's a sex tape or a Hardcore Porn movie, Sex on camera is still pornography. Different wrappers on the exact same product.

    All three women participated in these sex acts in exchange for fame . But only the White girls got rewarded with realtiy shows and clothing lines.

    No one will invest in a porn star to make a clothing line and reality show? What is Kim Kardashian? What is Paris Hilton? Neither one is known for their acting or singing abilities. No, they're known for having sex on camera.

    If you're buying products or watching their TV shows, you're already investing in a porn star. Just because they're not sold in the XXX store doesn't mean they're not Porn stars.

    My point is Montana Fishburne, A black woman who participates in the same sex acts didn't get a clothing line or reality show. And she was following both Kardashian and Hilton on the same fast track to fame. But she didn't understand the racism that is a major part of Hollywood. Black girls are seen by the entertainment industry as Jezebels and mammies, not "good" like White girls. That's why they don't get the clothing lines or the reality shows. Becaue White Men see them as whores, they pump them and dump them.

    Americans have no idea what kinds of values they're selling to their kids. They see the ribbons and bows on a package but can't see what's underneath it.