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Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Recipe For $ucce$$ Now available on Smashwords and eReaders

A Recipe For $ucce$$ Now Available on Smashwords.

A pinch of hard work.

A dash of Determination.

A Recipe for Sucess.

 Cassandra Lee’s lifelong dream is to take over the Downtown Brooklyn bakery with her name on it when her parents retired. Her dream turns into a nightmare near the eve of her wedding when she learns corporate giant ITC Foods has plans for the store and her low down down low fiancé Gerald is caught in the arms of another man.

Cassandra perseveres, acting as her parents’ agent working with ITC rep Simon James to complete the deal. As their professional relationship gets personal, Simon reveals a secret that devastates Cassandra. Sending Cassandra over the edge, Simon must come up with a plan to heal her broken heart and make her dreams come true.

Many of you probably remember the synopsis for this paperback on The Cassandra Cookbook. Sadly, it was a commercial failure. Many brothers and sisters thought it was an actual cookbook, others just couldn’t get into it being so pink. Everyone hated the cover. It was a book that helped me through some rough times. But it endured rough treatment ever since the day it was released. Turns out Black folks didn’t get my sense of humor. Cassandra was supposed to be a comedy but no one laughed.

The book is critically acclaimed but publicly reviled. So I’m taking it out of print so I can focus on better selling books. But as I put The Cassandra Cookbook paperback out of its misery, I’m sending it off as an eBook. A FREE eBook. That’s right you can revel in Shawn’s biggest literary commercial failure without paying a dime! (Well, on Smashwords. People who want Kindle and Pubit! versions will have to pay money!)

This new edition has been revised and repackaged. This new version has had most of the typos removed and all mentions of the word “digress” have been deleted. Also the descriptions have been toned down as not to be so heavy-handed. The sentences are shorter.
So pick up a copy of A recipe For $ucce$$...IF YOU DARE! 

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