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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Lamenting the end of DC Universe Classics toyline and thanking all the staff at Mattel.

The DC Universe Classics action figure line is ending at Wave 20 at retail in January of 2012.

DC SuperHeroes! Can you name them all?
I’m deeply saddened by this decision because there were still so many characters left unproduced and so many team displays I won’t see finished. DC Universe Classics was a great line and I hate to see it come to a close. While there will still be a chance to fill those holes with the Batman Legacy line and a plannedmonthly online subscription, an opportunity for this kind of character diversity and commercial distribution may never come again for superhero toy collectors in the retail market.

DC SuperVillians! Can you name them all?

I never thought I’d own action figures of Metal Men, Doom Patrol or lesser known characters like Jonah Hex, Black Adam, Killer Moth, and Deadshot. I never thought I’d own an entire set of Super-poseable updates of the Super Powers action figures I used to play with as a kid back in the 1980’s. But ten years later and after producing action figures of over 300 different characters collectors have an action figure universe that’s richer deeper and more diverse than any time in history.

I want to thank Scott Neidlitch, the sculpting team of the Four Horsemen and the staff at Mattel who have done an amazing job over the past ten years in producing the various action figure lines featuring DC comics Superheroes. They’ve worked hard towards giving us the most diverse selection of DC Comics characters in action figure form and I'm proud to have these toys on my shelf.

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