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Friday, January 21, 2011

All About Marilyn Chapter 8 and another note

The sounds of the morning news broadcasting from the TV wake me of a restless sleep. My eyes scan the room for the screen where I catch the Entertainment reporter interviewing Tabatha Strong. Man, I can’t believe she’s a star now. I remember when she was a shy little eight-year-old kid doing guest spots on my show.

The plucky twentysomething blonde dressed in the latest designer clothes smiles as the reporter shoves a microphone in her face. I manage to catch a snippet of her interview as I stir up.

“Yeah, on location shoots are like, so cool” Tabatha says through a pasted-on smile. “I just love interacting with my fans on set. You never know who you’re going to meet and you never know what’s going to happen-”

I catch green numbers on the VCR clock under the Television and my eyes grow wide. 6:07! Man, I can’t believe I overslept! I should have been up a half-hour ago!

I push my half-sleepy half-naked body out of bed and race over to the closet. No time to shower or do make-up; I’ve got 53 minutes to get downtown before the freeway traffic really gets crazy.

I rifle through the out-of-style clothes on the closet rod in my wardrobe and manage to find a black and white floral print slipdress from 1995 that’s passably stylish, step in some black cowboy mules from 1990, grab my portfolio and rush out of my apartment. When I get off the elevator, I make a frantic dash for my car in the parking lot and burn rubber driving out of the Serenity Towers Complex.

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  1. Shawn, I continue to be pleasantly entertained by Marilyn's life and actions. You were really on target to choose first person, and it's not the easiest form to write in. When it works, it really works, as it does here. Marilyn is scheduled to get a much wider readership.

    I'll also look forward to the return of the excellent blogs. But I'll miss Marilyn. Fortunately I have her right here on my bookshelf:)