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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Dying on The Edge- A Romantic Voodoo Murder Mystery

Sharing a great book I just read written by Francine Craft.

Dying on the Edge

ISBN: 1604943378
ISBN-13: 978-1604943375
Suggested Retail Price $ 13.45

Dying on the Edge is a solid murder mystery with lots of great twists and turns. I’m hoping this is the start of a series; Carroll City’s multi-cultural detective squad is a great cast of characters. I’m looking forward to reading another story featuring Frank, Hux, Boots, and Yee.

Actress Maggi French has been found dead in her loft. Detective Frank Ryman is under pressure from Politicians and police brass to solve the murder. As he continues his investigation we learn about Maggi’s involvement in Vodoo, and an affair with prominent Carrol City Citizen and movie mogul Kurt Wilder. As Frank and his squad sifts through a menagerie of suspects, readers will have no idea who the real killer is until the last chapter!

Dying on the Edge is a gritty hard-boiled detective story which reminded me of my favorite TV police drama NYPD Blue. The multidimensional complexity of Frank Ryman reminded me so much of Andy Sipowicz from that show; I loved how Craft explored Frank’s relationships with his his detectives as they worked on the case in and out of the stationhouse. Throughout the story I got to know Frank as a person and loved the character development as he interacted with his ex-wife Sofia and Jaysa, his current love interest. Frank had a lot of sensitivity, compassion patience and understanding, along with a drive to be fair, that’s not something readers see in most detective characters.

I really enjoyed this story; Craft writes a solid mystery with a diverse and unique array of suspects and numerous surprises. Her research into Voodoo and police work is meticulous and blends seamlessly into the storyline. The way she describes Carroll City it’ a fascinating place I’d definitely like to learn more about.

I highly recommend Dying on the Edge. It’s a top notch murder mystery!

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