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Friday, June 11, 2010

Isis Action Figures!

(okay not actual action figures, just OOAK customs. But a brotha can dream...)
All images and designs Copyright(c) and TM 2000-2010 Shawn James

Way, way, way back in 2002 I was quite passionate about my first published book Isis. So passionate I had plans for action figures. Looking back at the merchandise I designed I was a little overzealous.

These crude custom action figures were my interpretations (yours may vary when you read the book) of what the main characters Isis and E’steem looked like. I did my best to maintain the spirit of my sketches as I translated the designs I drew into three dimensions.

Isis is made from an X-men the movie 2-pack Movie Storm.I went with the Movie Storm because back then because I thought Halle Berry would make a good Isis (Then I saw Catwoman and changed my mind). The head was shaved and re-rooted with Autumn Brown Curly Hair. The kilt and blouse were sewn from an old shirt. Gauntlet bracelets were a metrocard, epoxy putty and painted over with chrome nail polish.

Concept sketches and final product. (Note the shirt was changed to a more conservative design)

E’steem was the Storm from that 2-pack and some Famous Covers Psylocke feet. I chose that figure because-well-it was there. The head was shaved and re-rooted with black hair. Strangely, once rooted with black hair it looked kinda like the actress who inspired E’steem, Salli Richardson-Whitfield (E’steem always sounds like Salli Richardson when I’m writing her). Eyes were re-painted, along with finger and toenails. Horns were sculpted from epoxy putty. A dress was made from an old T-shirt.

More concept sketches and final product. Those Horns they are a changin! (mostly cause Shawn can’t sculpt for crap) Oh yeah, the paint has REALLY faded on this one; it’s over eight years old. The sketches are ten years old. I’m so ever expedient!

I also made a “deluxe” Final Battle E’steem a few years later using the same recipe but with a pair of Annhilus wings from Marvel Legends screwed in the back.

This figure has a HUGE 24" Wingspan! It was hard to get it all in the photograph!

No Concept sketch on this one. Designed it from an idea in my head. Used a new paint and drybrush/wash techniques on Final Battle Esteem; that’s why her fleshtone matches her head!

Also a deluxe "Modern Age" Isis in her "black costume from a concept sketch:

I thought they were cool when I made them and they still reside atop my bookcase with display copies of my novels.

I still get asked if I’d make a Cassandra Lee (with Muffin) or a Marilyn Marie (CENSORED) to join the goddesses, but it ain’t gonna happen. I’ve since outgrown doing stuff like this for my books.

But I have to wonder if people would the pepople who bought the book buy Isis action figures If I were able to have them mass produced?


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