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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Reader's Paradise Review of The Cassandra Cookbook

Cassandra Lee has a lot going on in her life these days. She is part of the
production team at Cassandra’s Bakery which is owned by her parents.
Hoping one day mom and dad will pass on the legacy of becoming sole
owner of their well known establishment; her parents’ drop a bomb on
her that you wouldn’t imagine. To make matters worst, Cassandra
reaches an all time low when she walks in on her fiancée in a compromising position. As Cassandra goes through the rigger ma roe of getting her personal life in order as well as getting down and taking
care of business at the bakery will she able to have true happiness?

Cassandra’s Bakery was very interesting. Mr. James gives the reader a sense of
business savvy which is quite knowledgeable with a touch of romance.
The plot and the characters were feasible and will keep your attention.
As I was reading this novel the saying “when one door closes another
will open” came to mind. Despite the grammatical errors and over use of
wording, Cassandra’s Bakery was good reading that I would recommend.


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