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Monday, December 10, 2012

Isis: Amari's Revenge Chapter 3

Kinda tired today, So I'm posting a sample chapter of Amari's Revenge. Articles will be back Thursday if I come up with a new topic...

I smile as Isis is sent back to her quarters. It looks like the Prince is finally showing some leadership ability. I didn’t think he’d be ruthless enough to behead someone he loved.
“Finally acting like a man.” I say. “We’ll make a king of you yet boy prince.”
Ammon grabs me violently. He chokes back tears. The sadness in his eyes tells me that he truly loves her with all his heart. “I’d rather be at the side of a slave like Isis in the fields than be in the royal palace with a beast like you.”
“You’d side with a treasonous cow like Isis!” I say shoving him away from me.
“Treasonous! It was you who tried to kill her!” Ammon orders.
“She pulled a knife on me-”
“The same dagger you tried to stab her with as she left the dungeon after one of your beatings-”
My eyes grow wide on the revelation. “You saw me?”
I was coming in from the courtyard when I saw Isis heading back to her quarters from the latest lashing you gave her. That’s when I saw you rush behind her with the dagger in hand to kill her.”
I gasp on hearing his testimony regarding my action. If I were a common woman he’d have all the rights to behead me.
It’s a great regret that I have to be wed to a dog like you to keep peace in my kingdom.” Ammon spits.
I let out a sigh of relief knowing my kingdom is safe. “But what will you do with Isis? I inquire.
“That’s for me to decide.”
“But to let one like her roam freely across the countryside could be dangerous. She’s a plucky one, one with a charming tongue and a mirthful smile that can inspire others. The type who’d lead an insurrection against the royal family.”
“Isis is more loyal to this kingdom then you’ll ever be. Her love for Nubia is greater than her love for me. She’ll never betray us.”
“Did you not see the things she did? How she was faster than the cheetah and stronger than our best men? How a dagger of forged steel broke against her breasts?
Ammon looks out to the guards “You are never to speak of what you have seen this night to anyone.”
The looks on the guards’ faces will take what they’ve seen this night to their graves. “Yes my prince.” They say acknowledging his authority.
“And you will never speak of what you have seen to anyone. Nor will you speak of it ever again. Swear to this.”
“I don’t believe you-”
“Swear to it.”
The intense look in Ammon’s eyes shakes me to the core. I think he’d kill me himself if I didn’t take the oath. “I swear never to speak of this.” I spit.
Ammon gestures to one of the guards. He steps forward. “Mufassa, prepare my chariot.”
The guard nods his head. As Ammon storms away from me, I grab his arm. “Ammon, where are you going?”
“To deal with Isis.” He orders pulling out of my grasp.

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