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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Isis: Trial of the Goddess Chapter 3

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Half a day isn’t much time to prepare Isis for trial in the court of the Elder gods. I have a lot to do and I’ll have to work quickly. My knowledge of Heliopolitan law isn’t as extensive as Osiris or Thoth but Isis will be better off than facing the Elders alone. We can put an adequate defense together if she cooperates with me. Maybe we can even save her life.
I know Ra and the Elder gods hide their murderous intentions behind legal procedures. This trial is a legal formality so they can have the justification to do what they wish. They planned on executing Isis the moment they brought her back here. There’s no way Isis could have defended herself fairly; had the naive girl spoken just now she would have signed her own death warrant.
The Elder gods always felt that Isis would be a danger to all around her. They thought her human upbringing would corrupt her and eventually lead to her betraying us. The only reason they let her live is because Osiris loved her so much. However, Isis didn’t start out being a threat to mankind. She only became a danger to others because of our centuries of indifference. It was our fault that she killed those men. Had we not abandoned her she would have not gone astray.
The Elders were wrong to think I would go along with this farce of a trial and condone the execution of Isis because she’s the child of Osiris’ adulterous affair. I hold no ill feelings against Isis; I love her as much as my own son. I had hoped Osiris would care enough to have the courage to speak on our daughter’s behalf. Unfortunately, like everyone else at the trial he let the farce continue. I’m disappointed in him most of all. He could have stopped this before it all started.
Following me to my quarters, Horus and Anubis flank Isis’ sides. As we enter the royal bedchamber, I focus on the tasks at hand. We can plan a legal strategy later. Right now I have to get her out of those bloody clothes and into something fresh.
“Anubis unlock Isis’ chains.” I request.
“Mother, I don’t think that would be wise.” Horus protests.
“Son, as long as your sister is in my presence she is a guest.” I say. “I will provide her with the same generous hospitality you and your family would receive during a visit to the palace.”
“But mother, she’s a murderer.” Horus says. “She could-”
“Isis will not harm me Horus.” I reply.
“How can you be so sure? She tore people apart.” Horus continues.
“Horus, this is not the court of the Elders.” I demand. “Now I have much work to do and I can’t do it until Anubis unlocks those chains.”
Horus grimaces at me. I appreciate his concern, but he has no need to worry about my safety. Isis has no intention of harming me. She’s thinking more about those she’s lost and the upcoming trial, not planning the murder of us all. My son should not be so eager to take everything the Elders tell him to heart. Sometimes their stories are just stories.
Anubis eagerly unlocks the chains. He sees what I see, that Isis is no threat to me. “You’ll be fine sister.” He says. “Will that be all Mother?”
“That will be all.” I reply.
My sons take their leave. I clap my hands and two servants walk into the room. The women close the door behind them and await my instructions.
“Take Isis into the cistern and draw a bath.” I say to one of the women. “I will be there shortly.”
“Lay out my new kilt and short blouse.” I tell the other. “And lay out my white gown. Have them ready for us when we finish bathing.”
“Mistress, two garments?” One of the servants asks.
“Yes. One set of garments is for me and the other is for my daughter.” I say. “Have that- gown she’s wearing destroyed.”
As the servants take Isis out of the room, Osiris rushes in full of the anger he should have directed at the Elders. I don’t have time to argue with him. I’ve got to prepare to join Isis at the cistern.
“What do you think you’re doing interfering in the court of the elders?” He barks at me.
“What you wouldn’t do.” I order taking off my crown. “Standing up for our daughter.”
“Isis is a grown woman. She can stand trial for herself.” Osiris says.
“That trial is a farce and you know it.” I reply.
“It’s out of my hands. I can’t judge my own daughter. That’s the law of the Elder gods-”
“But you could have spoken for her.” I reply taking off my earrings. “The Elders plan to kill your own child and you sit there and allow it to happen-”
“I’m following the law. I can’t interfere in their court. Especially in the trial of one of my own family members-”
“You’re as bad as they are hiding behind legal procedures like a coward.” I snap yanking bracelets and armlets off my arms and wrists. “Sanctioning the murder of our own child-”
“What business of it is yours?” Osiris orders. “She lived her life the wrong way and now she’s paying for it.”
“We put her on that path.”
“With Isis’ life on the line this isn’t time for one of your maverick stunts.” Osiris demands. “You know Ra doesn’t like you. If your defense fails, Isis could die.”
“It doesn’t change anything.”
“Her death will be on your head.”
“Like I said Osiris, it doesn’t change anything.”
Osiris stands behind me to help me remove my pectoral collar. He may disagree with me but he is going to support me in helping our daughter.
“You are one stubborn woman. That’s why I love you so much.” He says kissing my neck. “Isis is lucky to have you at her side.”
“I hope I can adequately defend her.”
“I’m more worried about the Elders.” Osiris laughs. “Whenever you’re determined like this nothing can stop you. Not even them and they know it.”
“I got lucky back then.” I say. “I’ll need that luck again if I’m going to win this case.”
“If it wasn’t for your faith I wouldn’t be standing here.” Osiris says. “I know you’ll win.”

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